Advanced Equipment and Innovation

        About us

        Chongqing Yuhui Machinery was established in year of 2000 and is located at Jiulongpo District in Chongqing China. The Company covers an area of more than 40 acres and has a workshop area of 20,000 square meters. It is the first high-tech enterprise in China that develops and manufactures Throttle Body & Electronics for Automobile, Truck, Motorcycle, Non-Road, ATV, etc.

        Product center

        Throttle body for Automotive & Truck

        Supply to ChangAn, BYD, DFSK, Yunnei Group, etc.

        Throttle body for Motorcycle & Non-Road

        Supply to Continental, BRP, Ducati, CFMOTO, Loncin, ZF-KYMCO, Briggs & Stratton etc.  

        Other throttle body

        An intelligent throttle body is under development.

        • 建筑項目


        • 安裝和維護


        • 制造商和制造



        • Die Casting

          Yuhui has its own die casting workshop with advanced melting & die casting equipment of Toshiba from 280T to 400T, which are suitable for different displacement of the throttle body housing production with annual capacity of (3) million units. 

        • CNC Machining

          Yuhui has a total of 29 sets of CNCs for Machining which include two automatic robot machining lines. It can effectively improve the production capacity and ensure the consistency of products. It also reduce personnel operations brought by the error and improve product quality. 

        • Assembly

          Yuhui has 4 Mechanical Throttle Body (MTB) assembly lines and 2 Electronic Throttle Body (ETB) assembly lines with a high degree of assembly automation. Annual capacity is about 4 million units Throttle Body.

        • Injection Molding

          Yuhui has its own injection molding workshop with a total of 6 injection molding machines. It mainly produce ETC cover, gears, sensor cover and other plastic products. The annual capacity is about 3.5 million units. 

        • Test Capacity

          Yuhui has all throttle body test related equipments in house which include X-ray, CMM, durability, temperature shock, salt spray, vibration and other special test equipment. From raw materials to the final products, all the throttle body related test can be completed internally.






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        • 圖文組件
        Position:Quality engineering
        Position:Product Engineering
        Position:General Manager secretary
        • 建筑項目


        • 安裝和維護


        • 制造商和制造



        • Address

          Address: No. 3, Tianfu Road, Huayan Town, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing

        • Fax

          023-65253315(Sales and Procurement)/ 023-88362789(Human Resource)

        • Phone

          023-88362835(Sales and Procurement) / 023-88362803(Human Resource)

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